About Us

“Moira Visuals” founded in 2004 is a design agency that provides visual communication services and specialises in logo design, website design and business branding. Our goal is to create work that is unique, inspirational and educational. We want to help you to create conceptually interesting and visually stunning stories that your clients will love. We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.


Some of our local (Lithuania) and international clients:

The image is a language of subconsciousness

The surrounding world approaches us in a millions of different views. This is a powerful communicational device. The most important task for us is to provide shape for the image and transform it into the conscious language. We are sure, that by curbing this force we open the door to more effective communication. We believe in what we see. And what we see is what we produce – the image of high quality. The design that really functions. We accept the challenges returning it in a specific result. “Moira Visuals” is a process – generating design ideas and concentrating on their implementation. In any  field, by all means. For customers worldwide.

Core values

1. Deliver wow through ideas with every client
2. Encourage and embrace creativity 
3. Push our boundaries through growth and knowledge
4. Build strong relationships based on trust

Our logos in Dos Logos

Dos Logos explores the exceptional visual language and stylistic approaches to logo creation by designers from around the globe. Our logo was featured in the book.

Los Logos 4 design book

Los Logos 4 featuring over 5000 cutting-edge examples pro- vides an overview of current developments and advances in logo design. Our logo was featured in the book.

Our works in "Lithuanian trademarks" book

Lithuanian contemporary logo design book. Featured three of our logos. ("Lietuvos prekių ženklai", prof. A. Klimas, ISBN 9789955755692).

Intervue in magazine "Best in Lithuania"

Magazine about business, science and culture leaders in Lithuania. Printed interview and part of Moira Visuals design portfolio.

Our project works on 370

Our designed stickers, named StickerDesign.eu are shown in contemporary newspaper "370".