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Ad Hoc brand identity

We created trademark, corporate style, film catalogue, leaflets and invites for documentary movie festival, as well as print, advertising boards and advertising clip for Ad Hoc: Inconvenient films, on the inconvenient subject of human rights. The client is Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights ( We incorporaed human body parts when creating the logo and identity: fingers, heels, heads, lips and eyes. These visual objects, being inconvenient and ambiguous, receive stronger reactions from the society and attract more attention. It's strange that some parts of the body, integrated in the human body in it's totality, seem attractive to us, but when they are separated, their images become foreign and sometimes repulsive. The body parts represent the priority axis of the festival – the human. Black is chosen as a background colour to illustrate the characteristic colour of movie screening. At the same time, it symbolises dark corners of the human soul and is a little frightening.
When elaborating upon the subject of humans and their body parts, we created series of characters, which appeal to contradicting human feelings and invite us to tolerate human differences.

Creative head: Marius Bartkus
Video clip: Mantas Grigaitis