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Baltpool identitas, grafinis elementas, logo
baltpool, logo, logotipas, horizontalus
baltpool, logo, logotipas, vertikalus
medis, šaka, šaknis, logotipo inspiracija
upė, tėkmė, vaga, logotipo, inspiracija
grafikas, duomenys, kreivės, logotipo, inspiracija
šildymo, sistemos, energijos, tėkmė, brėžinys, logotipo, inspiracija

Baltpool result-oriented identity

Baltpool is an energy resource exchange established by the Lithuanian state to regulate prices between sellers and buyers, to act as an arbitrator in sales procedures. It is an online platform based on the auction principle, where buyers and sellers meet anonymously to trade biofuels. Easy and convenient to use. Companies can connect to the system quickly and efficiently.

Design goals:

Demonstrate Baltpool's result orientation through identity. Reflect a simple buying and selling process, a balanced balance of parties in transactions. Transparency, professionalism, impartiality are their values.

Design inspiration:

After analyzing the categories and context of the customer's activities, we found many images suitable for creative interpretation. These are tree branches, roots, river flow, energy system drawings, data curves. In the synthesis of these symbols, we created graphic elements and a logo, which are described by keywords: energy, flow, change, movement, indicators.


The orange color is meant to show energy as heat, an active start. Blue indicates air, water and professional stability. The gray color palette is designed for more digital media, fonts.

Completed works:

Graphic elements, logo, retrieved identity color palette, found fonts, created icons illustrating categories and customer activities. Designed for office documents, graphs and charts. Website design and social page accounts, e-document templates, newsletters have been designed.

Date: 11/11/2019