Branding strategy. Identity design.

Belamu identity

Meet Belamu! is an online cosmetics and beauty store with a network of physical stores that is expanding rapidly and has ambitions to conquer foreign markets. That's why we created a new name for them, Belamu, and identity design.

The symbolic origin of the logo is a charming female kiss or the tip of a cupid's arrow forming the letter B. We've turned the letter B into an icon that is handy for small spaces or online social profiles. The font represents friendly softness and solid professionalism.

Two colors - the color of the body "nude" and graphite black, dedicated to the mascara category. Why? From eyelash extensions began the Belamu e-commerce, expanding to a range of powders, creams and other beauty products. With these colors, we remember the beginning of where everything started and look at Belamu's future.

Graphical elements, waves, symbolizing the strands of hair and body care gentle movements. The motto "Your Beauty Partner" is given the roundness of the seal as a sign of quality.

When creating course certificate designs, we have really expanded our vocabulary with new terms - eyelash extensions, eyelash lamination, eyebrow dyeing and correction, depilation, hair extensions.

Date: 19-09-2019
Creative director: Marius Bartkus
Junior designer: Greta Kalitončikaitė