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G’day dynamic identity

Who are they?

G’day is a small coffee roasting company. It’s title comes from an Australian greeting, meaning “good day”. Good coffee for a good day. They are oriented towards the highest quality coffee experiences: work only with specialty coffee, and roast it only upon order. One of their services is a coffee tastes subscription. It offers an opportunity to taste different coffees at own pace - something like “travelling” the world, tasting coffees from different regions each week.


Font is selected so as to resemble stylized shape of a coffee bean and vertically divides it into two. This is most visible in the letter “d”.

Shapes of labels

The shapes of labels are inspired by mechanisms present in coffee grinders, particularly their blades and burrs. Strict horizontal vectors and oblique cuts make these labels stand out from the crowd, and emphasize the brand‘s dynamic identity.


5 selected colours are intended for “mix and match” in creating a unique visual identity for each coffee. This not only plays with coffee characters, but also enables dynamic brand identity. Colours symbolically reflect those of the sun, warmth, water, plans and earth objects, all related to coffee origins and the feeling of holding a cup in one’s hands.

Dynamic identity

G’day coffee selection is very diverse, and the coffee characters differ significantly. Therefore, the package labelling is different each time, changing dynamically, but always remaining recognizable, since the pattern of label shapes as well as the colours on the package remain the same 5. Only the placing of the labels changes. 

Another strong dynamic identity attribute is the personal touch that comes with each package. The information about the coffee origins, taste qualities, processing method, etc. is written by hand on each of them, emphasizing that coffee manufacture for G’day is a craft. This, combined with the playful dynamic labelling, invites to immerse oneself in a delightful experience that is coffee tasting.

Date: 12-12-2018