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"Holistic Renovation of Modernism Housing" identity design for exhibition, conference and book

At the invitation of the Architects Association of Lithuania, we have created an identity design for the international conference, exhibition and book "Holistic Renovation of Modernism Housing".

Large apartment blocks are old buildings, built 50-70 years ago, which no longer meet today's energy efficiency requirements and can be unattractive to their occupants. This raises the question of how to renovate these buildings to meet the requirements of modern living and to create an attractive living environment for all residents. Government programmes often only include thermal insulation and energy efficiency improvements, but it is envisaged to initiate more changes and to develop a model that includes not only energy efficiency improvements, but also improvements to the interior and exterior spaces of each dwelling, while maintaining the visual quality and stylistic unity of the whole block. The renovation process must also involve the residents, and new financial and legal instruments are being sought to allow a wider range of interested public and private institutions to be involved in the renovation. Moreover, renovation must not exclude or marginalise socially vulnerable people, who often live in the neighbourhoods to be renovated, from decision-making. The initiative is called "Holistic Renovation of Modernism Housing" and is a joint event of the countries belonging to Regions 1 and 2 of the International Union of Architects, initiated by the Lithuanian Union of Architects and the BAUA, the Association of Baltic Union of Architects. The partners of the project are the Madrid Forum and the EAA of the European Union of Architects.

The design of the promo is designed to reflect a fresh approach, cosiness and innovation to blocks of flats under renovation. The yellow-green colour is derived from the sun and grass, symbolising fresh starts and a new quality of life in the renovated homes. The architectural shapes of the cones echo the motifs of the blocks of flats, the design uses a grid to structure the information, and the font sizes prioritise the information. The design is minimalist, with colour as the main identity accent, which dominates all promotional material.

We thank the Architects Association of Lithuania for their trust and the opportunity to work together. We hope that the design has been useful and has added value to the success of the overall project and will go some way to improving the quality of life in the apartment blocks.

Catalogue printed by Kopa
Date: 2022-09-01