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Passportology identity

The aim of the visual design project was to create a strong and recognisable identity for a US visa and passport processing company. The project implemented the following elements:

1. Word name: A unique and distinctive name was created, reflecting the company's activities and added value to its customers.
2. Logo: a logo was designed combining American flag motifs with visual associations related to passports, documents, countries and travel. This created a unique and recognisable identity symbol.
3. Design of office documents: the design of office documents followed the company's style and used blue and red colours reflecting the motifs of the US flag.
4. Icon set: a set of icons was designed for the original services. These icons help to visually convey the nature of the services and increase efficiency and convenience for customers.
5. Website with e-shop: the design of the website focused on performance, attractiveness and user experience. An e-shop has been integrated into the website, where customers can purchase the document management products they need.
6. Payment option: the online shop has a credit card payment function to ensure a convenient and secure payment process for customers.

All these design elements created a coherent and coordinated identity, based on a blue and red colour palette, which symbolise the colours of the US flag and show the company's connection to the country's visa and passport processes.

Date: 2020-07-27