Branding strategy. Identity design.

Identity of the mobile application "Skubis"

Together with the film producers Pixel Studio, we have designed an application for emergency resuscitation and medical care for the Kaunas City Municipality Public Health Office.

Mobile application is designed for all Kaunas city students and residents who are relevant to the provision of emergency medical information. It contains: Kaunas city defibrillator map, systematized, student-friendly and attractive, literature and information on emergency first aid, educational videos, first aid training locations in Kaunas and Kaunas city area, user surveys and questionnaires, educational games for students.

The logo style focused on young people - pupils and students. A character inspired by the primitive in the "Šviesa" logo with an ambulance kit on his shoulders. Constructed of individual components - which can be used for animation in the future.

A set of 20 icons is created to create a seamless style that is understandable to users of all ages. Two soothing colors are selected: green and blue. The red-orange color of the application is used to emphasize accents and important information.

Date: 2018 11 22
Creative director: Marius Bartkus