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Kvadratai interjere, kaip dizaino motyvas identitetui 01
Kvadratai interjere, kaip dizaino motyvas identitetui 02
Kvadratai interjere, kaip dizaino motyvas identitetui 03
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SOTRO dynamic identity

The bistro and café, located in Vilnius University Hospital, experiments with flavours, spices and aromas and serves only healthy food. The daily adventures on a plate had to be reflected in the visual identity. Another challenge in the brief was to go beyond food and showcase other activities - real estate development, a medical innovation start-up. We like challenges, so we proposed to do a dynamic identity, where the logo or style can be flexibly adapted to vertical, horizontal or square spaces. An identity builder, where the logo changes according to the needs, but is recognisable everywhere by shapes, fonts and colours. The displacement of the square modules creates the impression of movement, of not being stuck in one place. They are inspired by the interior of the hospital. In the identity, the graphic elements symbolise different tastes.
By the way, we also created the name SOTRO. It's a big challenge these days to find a short and uncluttered web address!

Creative director Dr. Marius Bartkus
Junior designer Paulina Tubiūtė
Junior designer Vaiga Grabauskaitė