Branding strategy. Identity design.

Travel Visa Pro brand identity

We created an identity, which clearly conveys international company's Travel Visa Pro, which operates in the USA, services to its customers. It's arranging passports, visas, and travel documents. The brand identity comprises of refreshed logo, graphic element, selection of icons, advertising pass, map representing the services, graphics for an exhibition stand, website design and photo shoot.
We named the graphic elements of an old logo, which were worth keeping and transferred them to the new logo. Now it's the division of the world from where I am and where I want to be, pointed by an arrow surrounded by basic blue and orange colours.  
When we were creating the website, we were trying to include all possible choices and order stages, services and discounts, of which there are plenty. We integrated the forms for ordering documents, feedback and rating of services and a service shop.


Art director Marius Bartkus
Designer Julija Levickaite
Photography Marius Bartkus
Women No. 1 Julija Levickaite
Women No. 2 Jurgita Jankauskaite