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Winning identity

Andrius Baranauskas, who worked for many years as TELE2's head of communications, quit his job, founded the WINNING reputation (communications) agency, gathered a team, and opened an office in the Kempinsky hotel. We created a logo and identity for them. Andrius tattooed the logo on his chest, in the heart area. This is the first time in our long years of design activity that a client tattooed a design on himself!

We used achievement motifs for the design, but not literal ones, as medals, trophies and confetti with finish stripes are clichéd, used a million times. We chose warm gold, solid charcoal colours. In the graphic elements, the primary geometric shapes combined with each other symbolise the determination to go from stage to stage until victory is achieved. Multidimensional shapes show the management of different competences, fragments of award silhouettes.

What is encoded in the graphic element of the logo? The round shape of the medal, the shine of the star and the explosion. The movement and dynamism that is present in a media genre with constant change.

Date: 02-08-2021
Creative Director: Dr. Marius Bartkus
Junior Designer: Paulina Tubiūtė
Model and CEO: Audrius Baranauskas
Mindaugas Bumblys and POSITIVE tattoo
Photographer: Tomas Kauneckas